Morris Plains Republicans

Club By-Laws



(Revised, February 12, 2015)

 NAME - (Article 1):

             The name of this organization is – Morris Plains Republican Club, hereinafter referred to as (MPRC)

 PURPOSE - (Article 2):

            A.   To promote the candidates and the principles of the Republican Party.

            B.    To cultivate goodwill among the members of the MPRC, promote the exchange of ideas and                 

                    provide social activities for the members.

             C.    To educate and inform the public about the Republican platform.

             D.    To increase membership in the MPRC.

             E.    To register voters as Republicans.

             F.    To endorse the Republican candidates.

FISCAL YEAR - (Article 3):

            The MPRC fiscal year is from January 1st to December 31st.

MEMBERSHIP - (Article 4):

             Membership is available to all registered Republicans.  Upon receipt of application form and dues, membership
             along with its voting rights, will be instated.

 DUES - (Article 5):

               A.   Annual membership dues are presently $15.00 per person and are due for all members on
                     February 1st.

               B.   Only members who are current with their dues are entitled to vote on MPRC business and during
                     elections of MPRC officers.

MEETINGS - (Article 6):

               A.   Regular monthly meetings shall be held on 1st Monday of the month at 7:30 pm.

               B.   The meeting may be temporarily changed by a simple majority vote during any monthly

               C.   It shall be at the discretion of the President (or in his/her absence, a Vice President) to call for a
                     meeting at any other time that is deemed necessary.

 QUORUM - (Article 7):

              More than 50% of the Executive Officers/Committee members must be present during MPRC
             meetings in order to constitute a quorum.  A quorum is required in order to conduct any
             business requiring a vote of approval. If a quorum is present, a simple majority vote will 
             provide approval for the business transactions.  Abstentions shall be counted as "not voting".

ORDER OF BUSINESS - Robert's Rules - (Article 8):

             Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings except when inconsistent with the provisions of
             these by-laws.

             The Order of Business (Agenda) at the Regular Monthly Meeting shall generally be as follows:

            A.     7:30 pm - President calls meeting to order.

            B.     Distribution of agenda, sign-in sheet and minutes.

            C.     Pledge of Allegiance.

            D.     President's opening remarks.

             E.     Approval of Treasurer's Report

             F.    Approval of Minutes of previous meeting

             G.    Committee Reports

             H.    Correspondence

              I.     Program speaker - Introduction of speaker

              J.     Old Business

              K.     New Business

             L.      Comments, announcements or discussion from members in attendance

             M.    Adjournment


            A Nominating Committee of at least three (3) MPRC members shall be appointed by the Executive
            Committee no later than November. The President may not serve as a member of the Nominating
            Committee.  A slate of officers will be developed and approved at the December monthly meeting. 
            The slate of officers shall be presented to the membership for election at the January regular monthly
            meeting. Nominations will also be taken from the floor.  Should there be more then one candidate
            nominated for one office, the voting will be done by secret ballot.  Ballots shall be counted by two (2)
            NJ elected officials, when possible.  Results shall be announced during the meeting.  Elected Officers
            shall take office immediately upon announcement of results.

OFFICERS - (Article 10):

            A.        The Officers of the MPRC shall be:  President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer,
                        Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. 

            B.         Candidates for Office  must be current with their dues and have been a MPRC member for at
                         least one year.

            C.         Officers are to be elected at the January monthly meeting and shall serve for a one-year term. 

             D.        If any Officer is unable to complete his/her term, the Executive Committee comprised of the
                        remaining Officers shall appoint a successor to assume the duties for the remainder of the term.

             E.        No elected Officer may serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office.



              1.   Be comprised of the Officers and 8 to 12 other elected members of the MPRC.

              2.  Attend all monthly and Executive Committee meetings.  If unable to attend a meeting, notify the
                   President in writing or by telephone as early as possible.  (If a Committee member accrues three
                   unexcused absences in a year, he/she may be subject to removal by a majority vote of the

              3.  Choose a MPRC member to replace any officer who is unable to complete his/her term.

             4.  Choose a two-member volunteer financial review panel from the Executive Committee to review the
                   banking account at the completion of the fiscal year.  This panel shall be approved by the
                   membership and serve a one-year term with officers. 

             5.   If indicated, make decisions regarding the MPRC’s activities and expenditures between any
                   scheduled meeting.  These decisions will be disclosed at the following monthly meeting.

             PRESIDENT shall

             1.   Chair all MPRC Meetings and develop the monthly meeting agenda.

             2.  Appoint the Chairpersons of all Committees and be responsible for the proper
                  functioning of all Committees.

            3.  Arrange any reservations necessary for room usage for regular monthly meetings.

            4.  Be a liaison with the Morris County Republican Club and the Morris County Republican 
Club Presidents Alliance.  Report their activities and events to the MPRC.

            5.  Along with Vice Presidents, arrange for speakers/activities for the monthly meetings 
and set agenda for each meeting.

            6.  Compose responses to any correspondence as necessary.                                                            

            1st VICE PRESIDENT shall:

            1.  Along with 2nd Vice President, perform the duties of the President in his/her

           2.  Along with the President, arrange for speaker(s) for the monthly meetings.

           3.  Oversee coordination of Fundraising Activities of the MPRC.

           4.  Oversee coordination of Special Events of the MPRC.

           5.  Perform other duties that may be assigned by the President.

           2nd VICE PRESIDENT shall:

           1.  Along with 1st Vice President, perform the duties of the President in 
                his/her absence.

           2. Along with the President, arrange for speaker(s) for the monthly meetings.

          3.  Be responsible for the coordination of the MPRC’s Annual Student Award(s).

          4.  Be responsible for coordinating other Community Outreach.

          5.  Perform other duties that may be assigned by the President.

          TREASURER shall:

          1.  Be custodian of the MPRC funds, which shall be deposited in a local bank approved
               by the Executive Committee.

          2.  Pay all bills with the President's approval.  (In the absence  of the President, a Vice-President  may

          3.  Solicit and receive all dues and maintain records of all dues and funds received.

         4.  Submit a written monthly Treasurer's Report to the President  and the Recording Secretary. 
The Treasurer's Report shall be read aloud at all regular monthly meetings.

         5.  Maintain any insurance files necessary.

         6.  Maintain a record of all financial transactions of MPRC for five years.   

          7.  Have approval from the Executive Committee for any expenditure of $200.00 and above.

          8.  All donations shall be approved by the Executive Committee.     

          9.  Regularly collect mail from MPRC mailbox and distribute it as necessary.

          RECORDING SECRETARY shall:

          1.  Maintain attendance book.  Pass attendance bo0k at meetings and include
               the names of those in attendance in monthly minutes. 

          2. Record and distribute the minutes at MPRC meetings.  Email minutes to all members in good 

          3. Be responsible to type the agenda & distribute it at monthly meetings.

          4. Determine whether a quorum is present at the meeting in order to conduct any
business requiring a vote. 

          5. Maintain a file of all members of the MPRC who are current with their dues.  This file
shall contain the member's name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.


          1.  Email a meeting reminder to members.

         2.  Read aloud any correspondence received at monthly meetings.

         3.  Send dues renewal envelopes to membership in January.

FINANCES - (Article 11):

 The MPRC shall maintain a checking account at a local bank.

          A.  All checks will be signed by either the President or Treasurer.

          B.  The MPRC's financial records will be reviewed by a 2-member financial review panel in January.

          C.  The financial review committee shall report its findings to the membership at the 
                monthly meeting.  A written report will be filed with the Recording Secretary. 

          D.  President shall oversee and assure financial review is completed in a timely manner.      

 COMMITTEES - (Article 12):

          A.  President may appoint such Committees as deemed necessary to assist in fostering
                the goals of the MPRC.  The President shall designate the Chairperson of each Committee.

          B.  The Chairperson of each Committee may select  members for that Committee.

          C.  The President is an ex-officio member of all Committees.

          D.  Committee Chairs are responsible for the planning, cost estimates, paperwork, 
implementation, insurance requirements, documenting expenses and contributions,
contract agreements and completion of the task set before them. 

          E.  Committee Chairs shall complete a written report to be read during the following
                monthly meeting concerning all aspects of the task and how it was accomplished. 

          F.  There are five standing committees:

               Fall Fundraiser - Membership - Financial Review - Nominating - Family Picnic 

BY-LAWS - (Article 13):

          A.  At a minimum of every three years, the Executive Committee shall review the by-laws and make
                any recommendations for changes and amendments  to the members.

          B.  The by-laws of the MPRC shall be adopted by a majority of members in good standing, during any
                monthly meeting.

          C.  The by-laws may be amended at any monthly or special meeting by the affirmative
                vote of a majority of the members present.

         D.  Notice of the proposed amendment shall have been sent in writing to all members, at
                least ten days, prior to the meeting at which the amendment shall be proposed for
discussion.  The amendment will then be voted on at the next monthly meeting.

          E.  Each Article for which an amendment is proposed, shall be read individually and voted 
                on separately.

          F.  Amendments to the by-laws can be proposed by any MPRC member in good standing with prior
                notice to MPRC President and Officers.


In Witness whereof, we have here unto subscribed our names this_____ day of ___________, 2015.

             ________________________           _______________________ 

            President                                                          First Vice President
            Joan Scaccia                                                     Ralph Rotando


            ________________________            _______________________

            Second Vice President                                  Treasurer
            Joseph Cecala                                                 Marilynn Toye-Young

           ________________________           _______________________

           Corresponding Secretary                              Recording Secretary
           Roberta Novak                                                Pearl Law

          Know By These Present, that the undersigned Secretary of the Morris Plains Republican Club does 
          hereby certify that the above and foregoing by-laws were duly adopted by the members of said MPRC
          on this ______day of ________, 2015, and that they do now constitute the by-laws of said MPRC.

          ATTESTED:       _________________________

                                       Recording Secretary

          WITNESSED:     _________________________


Sworn to and subscribed before me this ________ day of _______­­­_, 2015.

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